Israel Travel Guide


Visas and Passports to Israel

If you are a Canadian or US citizen, you do not need a visa to travel to Israel, but a passport valid for at least six months is required. Please note that if you have an Israeli passport, you must use your Israeli passport to enter and exit the country.

Also, when entering Israel, you will receive an AL-17 form. Save this form until your departure. 

Local Time

Israel is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 10 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. At 7pm in Israel, it is Midday in New York. It should also be noted that Israel has its own dates for switching to daylight saving time, and during the autumn the difference between Israel and GMT may only be one hour.

Currency and Exchange Rates

The Israeli currency is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS).  Each shekel is divided into 100 Agorot.  The banknotes are in denominations of 20, 50, 100 and 200 Shekels. Coins are in denominations of 1, 2, 5, and 10 Shekels, and 5, 10, and 50 Agorot.  ATMs are widely available in cities and towns and are easily the best way to access funds conveniently. Traveler's checks are NOT widely accepted in Israel, yet if you feel compelled to bring them, you can exchange the traveler's checks (and cash) commission-free at post offices. Foreign currency may be exchanged at any banks and at many hotels. Most banks' operating hours are: Sunday through Thursday from 08:30am - 12:00pm and from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.


Shops are open daily from Sunday to early Friday afternoon, and certain shops may re-open late on Saturdays, after dark, for a few hours. Tel Aviv is always the exception when it comes to the weekend, and most cafés and restaurants are open for business all day.

Restaurants & Cafes

Israel has experienced a real culinary boom over recent years, with a host of international restaurants opening in the cities – most notably in Tel Aviv. Some of the restaurants are kosher, meaning they adhere to Jewish food laws regarding the way meat is handled by butchers, they keep certain foods off the menu (such as pork or shellfish) and both dairy and meat products are never available in the same establishment. The majority of meals on offer at dairy restaurants will be suitable for vegetarian diners, although most meat restaurants will also have a fair selection of vegetarian dishes available. Having said this many of the trendier restaurants in the big cities, especially Tel Aviv, are non kosher, with a variety of options available. 

Helpful Links

Exchange Rates:

Currency Converter Calculator:

Electronic Appliances in Israel

The electric current in Israel is 220 volts AC, single phase, with a frequency of 50 Hertz.  Electrical items such as blow dryers, electric shavers, computers and other appliances may require adaptors or converters.  We recommend purchasing the necessary adaptors/converters prior to your departure. 

The two types of plugs are shown below:


Emergency Phone Numbers

Police: Dial 100
Ambulance:      Dial 101
Fire Department:     Dial 102


Israel's Egged Bus Company offers frequent buses between cities and within cities.  For schedules and information, visit their website at:   

Israel also has a Railroad system that links major cities.  For more information on routes and fares, visit their website at: 

Taxis run in all cities and are always available, even on Shabbat.  To reserve a group taxi (sherut) by phone, call 02-623 1231 or 02-625 7227 / 3233 / 5332

Weather Forecasts and Average Temperatures

Read below for the average temperatures, in Fahrenheit, for the following cities in Israel:



 JanFebMar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 
 Jerusalem 43-5344-57 47-61 53-69 60-77 63-81 66-84 66-86 65-82 60-78 54-67 47-56 
 Dead Sea 53-6856-72 61-78 68-85 75-93 80-99 83-102 83-101 81-96 75-90 65-80 56-71 
 Tel Aviv 49-6548-66 51-69 54-72 63-77 67-83 70-86 72-86 69-89 59-83 54-76 47-66 
 Eilat49-70 51-73 56-79 63-87 69-95 75-99 77-103 79-104 75-98 69-92 61-83 51-74 
 Tiberias48-65 49-67 51-72 56-80 62-89 68-95 73-98 75-99 71-95 65-89 59-78 53-68 
 Haifa49-63 47-64 47-70 55-78 58-76 64-82 68-86 70-86 68-85 60-82 56-74 48-65 


For daily weather forecasts, click here: 

Measurement and Weight: Israel uses the metric system exclusively.  A kilogram equals 2.2 pounds and a kilometer is 0.62 miles.

We are pleased to provide the following information about the exclusive cellular phone arrangements from IsraelPhones for Routes Travel clients available for their Israeli travel. IsraelPhones has always provided our clients excellent service and preferred rates while they travel in Israel.

IsraelPhones offers excellent service, economical rates and features including:

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The exclusive rates we have arranged with IsraelPhones on your behalf are:

Prices Do Not Include 16% Sales Tax (VAT)

Cell Phone Rental/SIM Card Rental *Free daily rental for your scheduled trip in Israel
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 Caller IDNo Charge 
 Calls within the mobile network during your Israel tour
 Calls to landlines in Israel$0.19/min 
 Calls outside the mobile network during your travel in Israel$0.38/min 
 Calls to the USA/Canada$0.38/min 

*$1 per day after the first 10 days of your trip in Israel
**With Insurance, deductible on lost/stolen phones is $100

To order your phone, please complete the online order form at . To receive your assigned number 1-3 business days in advance of your Israel trip, log on to, select "my number" and insert your confirmation number. If you have any further questions about cellular phone rentals, please email IsraelPhones at or call the IsraelPhones U.S. office at 1-866-8-ISRAEL.


We highly recommend that our clients consider purchasing cancellation insurance & supplemental medical coverage (can cover pre existing conditions) for their Travel in Israel. This is a smart way to safeguard against life's surprises (Policy must be purchased upon paying of deposit to Routes Travel).

One Israel Travel Insurance option that we would recommend is: Travel Insurance Israel, a division of SMS (Senior Market Sales of Omaha, Nebraska). SMS has over 25 years of experience as insurance brokers.  

  • Phone number: (888) 747-3773 (Please make sure that operator understands that you are looking to insure a Routes Travel package to Israel).

The standard policy covers Israel trip cancellation/interruption for reasons related to:

  • An injury or sickness which necessitates medical treatment & results in a medically imposed restrictions which prevents your travel in Israel.
  • 60 day look back period for unstable Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • Weather
  • Security/terrorism
  • Labor strikes
  • Medical care insurance is included as well as coverage for lost/delayed baggage, travel delay  and emergency evacuation (with hospital of choice)     .
  • Delays caused by Volcano Ash eruptions (post purchase) are covered.No Deductible or co-insurance.
  • Re-banking of frequent flyer – up to $150
  • Coverage begins immediately upon purchase.
  • Optional "cancel for any reason" supplement available. Allows you to cancel your Israel tour up until 2 days before your departure – for any reason

TravelSafe Vacation Insurance Benefits Schedule of Coverage 
Vacation Plan Benefits
Maximum Benefit
Israel Trip Cancellation100% Trip Cost*
Israel Trip InterruptionUp To 150%
Of Trip Cost*
Travel Delay (8 Hours or More)$150 Per Day
$750 Maximum
Missed Connection$2,500
Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance
Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses

    Emergency Medical Evacuation &
    Repatriation of Remains

    Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation

    One Call 24-Hour  Assistance Service



Baggage and Personal Effects$2,500
Baggage Delay (12 Hours or More)$250
Accidental Death and Dismemberment$25,000
Cancel For Any Reason BenefitUp to 75% of Non-Refundable Trip Cost.
*The above wording and the chart above are merely a summary of plan benefits. For complete plan details, definitions and exclusions see the Description of Coverage

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